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Dongle Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update the firmware of Super Wireless Dongle?

The latest firmware will be distributed via SteamVR.

Where is the best placement for the dongle?

The dongle is sensitive to interference, so ideally place it “in view” of your Trackers (Not at the back of your computer), a top or front USB port is recommended. If you are using a Valve Index, the Headset “frunk” is a great spot for your dongle.

How many Trackers and Controllers can be paired at the same time?

3 devices can be paired with SW3, 5 devices can be paired with SW5 and 7 devices can be paired with SW7.

Can I place my SW dongle inside the Frunk of Valve Index?

SW3 and SW5 - yes. As for SW7, we do NOT recommend users to place it inside the Frunk as it may get overheated.

Where shall I contact if my Dongle is dead or broken?