SteamVR Hardware ID (HWID)

Each SteamVR device is identified by its hardware id (HWID). This is a 32bit number that is typically expressed in hexadecimal format.

The hardware ID is broken down into


AA - The Vendor Code

Byte Value Meaning
0x F0 xx xx xx xx Tundra Labs Products
0x 90 xx xx xx xx Generic HDK Designs - Typically supplied by Triad Semiconductor or Synapes
0x 8x xx xx xx xx HTC Products
0x 1x xx xx xx xx Valve Products
0x 2x xx xx xx xx Valve Products

BB - Major Revision

These are typically specific to the Vendor, the relevant revisions are listed below:

Byte Value Meaning
0x 90 03 xx xx SteamVR HDK and Triad Shoto HDK
0x F0 00 xx xx Tundra Labs TL448K6D-GP-HDK

CC - Minor Revision

The minor revision is also set by the vendor, in all current cases this value is set to 00

DD - Sensor Version

The sensor

Byte Value Meaning
0x xx xx xx 00 Gen 1 only: Discrete Optical Sensor (Used in Original Vive)
0x xx xx xx 04 Gen 1 only: Triad Semiconductor TS3633 (Used in Tracker Developer Edition)
0x xx xx xx 06 Gen 1 & 2: Triad Semiconductor TS4231 (Used in Vive Pro, Gen 2 Tracker and Pro Controllers)
0x xx xx xx 09 Gen 1 & 2: Triad Semiconductor TS4631 (Used in Valve Index and Index Controllers)

Combining Bytes to form a Complete HWID

Byte Value Meaning
0x 90 03 00 04 Original HDK from Triad Semiconductor using TS3633
0x 90 03 00 06 Shoto HDK from Triad Semiconductor using TS4231
0x 90 03 00 09 Shoto HDK from Triad Semiconductor using TS4112
0x F0 00 00 09 TL448K6D-GP-HDK from Tundra Labs using TS4112

Reading the Hardware ID from a SteamVR Device

The principle way to read the Hardware ID is when the device is in Bootloader Mode, to put the device into bootloader mode, connect it to a PC via USB and issue the following command:

lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -bw3

The device will disconnect from USB, jump to Bootloader Mode and then re-enumerate. The device will notify the user that it is in Bootloader Mode with a rapidly flashing Red LED.

Once in Bootloader Mode, the Hardware ID can be checked with the following command:

lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -aw3

The following is an example output of this command with the Hardware ID highlighted:


Changing the Hardware ID

If you have determined that the Hardware ID is not correct, you may change it with the following command:

lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -Bw3 0xF0000009

Note the device must be in Bootloader Mode in order to write in a new Hardware ID. Refer to the section above for instructions on how to place the device into bootloader mode.

Note After the Hardware ID is written to a device, it will reboot and exit Bootloader Mode

Why is the Hardware ID Important?

The SteamVR firmware is compiled into a universal binary that supports running on many different hardware targets. The hardware id "tells" the firmware what hardware that it is running on an configures itself for that particular hardware. In some cases, the device will not function with an incorrect hardware ID.

Specific to Optical Sensors, each sensor also has tuned parameters to optimize it's performance in SteamVR. In order to use the correct tuning values, the correct sensor must be identified.

If an incorrect sensor is identified in the hardware id, it may still track but the performance could be erratic and unpredictable.