Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update the firmware of Super Wireless Dongle?

The latest firmware will be distributed via SteamVR.

Where is the best placement for the dongle?

The dongle is sensitive to interference, so ideally place it “in view” of your Trackers (Not at the back of your computer), unobstructed by anything else. We recommend using the USB 2.0 extension cable that comes with the dongle to put it at the edge of your desk - or something to that effect.

How many Trackers and Controllers can be paired at the same time?

3 devices can be paired with SW3, 5 devices can be paired with SW5 and 7 devices can be paired with SW7.

Can I place my SW dongle inside the Frunk of Valve Index?

The SW3 yes, but we recommend against placing the SW5 and SW7 inside the frunk as that may cause overheating.

Where shall I contact if my Dongle is dead or broken?

First we recommend checking out the forum and going through our "troubleshooting guide" (to be added). If you still need support after, you can reach out to us here

Please send only one email per support request to limit the number of tickets and to help us get through them faster. Thank you!