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Tracker Hardware Specifications


Tundra Tracker has 18 sensors as shown in the picture. Please avoid covering any of the sensors during use.


Where to place your label or sticker

If you want to affix your label or sticker on a tracker, please use the blue area in the picture, avoiding sensors inside.


Base Plates

Tundra Tracker has two types of base plates.

  • Base plate with ¼ inch female screw for camera mount and a hole for stabilizing pin:


  • Base plate with strap loop (less than 1inch width):


How to charge a tracker

Please connect a USB-C cable to a tracker, and the other side to your PC or USB wall charger.

LED status

  • Blue: Power on, but not paired
  • Blue (blinking): Pairing mode
  • Green: Paired / Fully Charged
  • Yellow/Orange: Charging
  • Red: Battery is less than 5%

Battery Life

Tundra Tracker’s battery will last for 9 hours on average.

Supported Dongles

  • Super Wireless Dongle (SW3/SW5/SW7) by Tundra Labs
  • Dongle for VIVE Tracker, VIVE Tracker (2018) and VIVE Tracker 3.0
  • Dongle inside headset of HTC VIVE series and Valve Index

Supported BaseStation

  • BaseStaion1.0 by HTC
  • BaseStaion2.0 by Valve