Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update the firmware of Tundra Tracker?

The latest firmware will be distributed via SteamVR.

How many Tundra Trackers can be used at the same time?

Depends on how many other SteamVR devices you use and the network environment. You will find some useful tips here:

Can Tundra Trackers be used along other brands of SteamVR Trackers?

As Tundra Trackers are SteamVR devices, you can use mixed trackers.

How long does it take to charge Tundra Tracker?

Chart/figures to be added.

How long does a Tundra Tracker’s battery last if it’s fully charged?

At least 9 hours on average.

Does the temperature of Tundra Tracker get high after using it for hours?

No, we don’t see any temperature increase on the surface of its base plate. Please do not cover the top of Tundra Tracker to keep tracking accuracy.

Where can I download the 3D model of Tundra Tracker?


Can I use a magnetic charging cable for Tundra Tracker?

Yes. Make sure to use a USB type C connector.

Can I use a silicone skin for Tundra Tracker?

No, we do not recommend using a silicon skin as it will cover chips for tracking inside Tundra Tracker.

Where should I get in touch if my tracker is dead or broken?

First we recommend checking out the forum and going through our "troubleshooting guide" (to be added). If you still need support after, you can reach out to us here. Please send only one email per support request to limit the number of tickets and to help us get through them faster. Thank you!

List of software supporting Tundra Tracker

  • Beat Saber's custom avatar mod
  • Blade & Sorcery (3 trackers supported)
  • Climbey (2 trackers supported, for feet)
  • Eleven Table Tennis (for use as a paddle)
  • LIV mixed reality capture
  • NeosVR (up to 11 tracking points, including HMD and controllers)
  • Virtual Motion Capture
  • Virual Cast
  • VRChat (10 tracking point beta live now)

...and more!

Can tundra Tracker be used with headsets other than the Valve Index, Vive, etc?

Yes, the Tundra Tracker can be used together with a range of non-SteamVR devices, like WMR, Oculus Quest and more.

There are guides online on how to “combine playspaces”. You’ll need the Tundra Trackers, (a) dongle(s), but also 2 SteamVR Base Stations to track them.

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