Wireless Pairing

Step 1. Charge the tracker with a USB cable

Charge your Tundra Tracker until its LED color gets green.

Step 2. Connect a dongle to your PC

A Tundra Tracker can be paired with one dongle connected to your PC.

Step 3. Turn the tracker on

Press the power button on top of the tracker until its LED turns blue.

Step 4. Set SteamVR into pairing mode

On your PC, start SteamVR and select “Devices" -> “Pair Controller" -> “HTC VIVE Tracker” on its menu.

  • “Devices" -> “Pair Controller"
  • “HTC VIVE Tracker”
  • Pairing Mode

Step 5. Press and hold the power button of the tracker to pair

LED starts blinking in blue when it enters pairing mode. It turns green when it’s paired with a dongle and Tundra Tracker’s icon appears on SteamVR window.